Paper Sizes

ISO A Series Paper Sizes
ISO A Series Paper Sizes

We have listed the main paper sizes on this page. Hopefully it is all self-explanatory but if you need any advice then do not hesitate to get in touch with us at H&H Reeds Printers

The ‘A Range’ is the finished trimmed size of paper.
A7 – 105mm x 74mm
A6 – 148mm x 105mm
A5 – 210mm x 148mm
A4 – 297mm x 210mm
A3 – 420mm x 297mm
A2 – 594mm x 420mm
A1 – 841mm x 594mm
A0 – 1189mm x 841mm

The ‘B range’ caters for oversize documents and posters.
B7 – 125mm x 88mm
B6 – 176mm x 125mm
B5 – 250mm x 176mm
B4 – 353mm x 250mm
B3 – 500mm x 353mm
B2 – 707mm x 500mm
B1 – 1000mm x 707mm
B0 – 1414mm x 1000mm

The ‘SRA Range’ is bigger than the A Range and offers greater flexibility in allowing for bleed at the print stage and in the finishing process.
SRA6 – 160mm x 112mm
SRA5 – 225mm x 160mm
SRA4 – 320mm x 225mm
SRA3 – 450mm x 320mm
SRA2 – 640mm x 450mm
SRA1 – 900mm x 640mm
SRA0 – 1280mm x 900mm

Envelope Sizes
DL = 110mm x 220mm
C6 = 114mm x 162mm
C5 = 229mm x 162mm
C4 = 324mm x 229mm

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