Spring Clean Leads To Paper Donation

27 June, 2018


Thanks to a spring clean of the storeroom at H&H Reeds Printers in Penrith, local school children have experienced a windfall in their classrooms. After recently completing a survey of the stockroom we put aside paper and card. All of which is still good quality but consist of a small number of sheets and the stock no longer being available through our suppliers. However, we don’t like to throw anything away here at H&H Reeds Printers!

After a quick conversation, it was clear the team agreed that the paper should be donated to local schools. We all saw this as a way of giving back to the local community. Andy Jackson, our Managing Director, immediately contacted Yanwath Primary School, and of course, they welcomed our offer of free paper with open arms.


Yanwath Primary School Donation


As one of Cumbria’s largest printers, the range of different processes at H&H Reeds Printers, inevitably produces surpluses of various types of paper and card that it cannot use due to the limited quantity to fulfil a job. The company is rigorous when it comes to minimising wastage of any type and recycles where possible. In this instance, staff were keen to ensure that the paper and print material was not disposed of, and wanted to donate it where it could be put to good use and would be most appreciated.

Andy says: “We generate this surplus stock such as the ends of a pallet load or a one-off print run. Meaning it cannot be used for further jobs. All of it is all in a good condition and lot is premium stuff, so we have decided to donate this paper to local primary schools which can often find such items very costly. We also are a big print supplier to schools so the donations just makes sense.”

Yanwath School intends to use the paper products for a wide variety of purposes – from drawing, sketching, painting, collage, making booklets and cards to creating 3D models and sculptures. The larger A2 sheets will be ideal for displays and group work.

June Venus, Headteacher at Yanwath adds: ‘We are delighted to have been given this huge selection of different sizes and types of paper and card from H&H Reeds Printers in Penrith.”

“It has come at just the right time and I’m sure we’ll make great use of it. We are a school which focuses on the arts and are currently working towards updating our Artsmark Award, so we will be able to use this for many different projects.”