Our Sign Stands the Test of Time

12 February, 2018


Unfortunately, no one alive today remembers when our “Reed’s Printers Stationers” sign went up outside our old shop on King Street in Penrith. Probably because (by our best guess) it went up around 1893 – over 120 years ago! With 2018 being our 140th anniversary we are taking the time to look into our history and appreciate how far we have come as a business.

The sign, considering its age, is still in a pretty good condition. While it is not hanging up outside anymore, we still have it here at our current factory on Southend Road, Penrith.


Reed's printers stationers Signage 1893
Reed’s Printers Stationers Signage which we believe was made around 1893.


For many many years, the sign took pride of place hanging outside the shop on King Street in Penrith and even after all this time, it’s still solid & robust. There’s even a light inside it – however, somehow I don’t think it’s an energy saver bulb though.


The black paint used as a background has started to peel off the glass, but that’s to be expected at this age. The lettering is just as good as the day it was made. As you can see in the close up, the handmade sign was made to the highest of standards and has stood the test of time.


Reed's printers stationers Signage 1893
Close up of the lettering shows what the high level of quality – the colours are still bright and vibrant.


The sign was proudly displayed outside our old shop on King Street in the centre of town. As you can see below, that’s only a stone’s throw away from the iconic clocktower in the centre of Penrith.


reeds printers king street penrith 1893
The Reeds sign can be seen on King Street, Penrith c.1893 (left of centre)


Present Day


The building itself remains today, although now a kitchen display shop. However, there is still another little piece of history related to Reed’s featured on the wall outside. Even though it is fairly weathered, there is a plaque which reads “Reed’s Ltd Registered Office”. The building was occupied as a shop for Reeds Printers until 1997 when we moved to our current location on Southend Road. The move was made so we could have room for our entire Penrith operation under one roof, where previously we were split over two sites in Penrith.


Sign on a pillar King street Reed's Printers registered offices
Reed’s Printers Registered Office plaque on a pillar at King Street, Penrith


Reed's Printers old building King Street Penrith as it is now 2016
Reed’s Printers old building in the present day on King Street, Penrith (centre).