Promotional Products – Are they worth the expense?

5 December, 2017


Working in print, we often get asked a number of questions about what we can produce, how much print jobs will cost, and more often than you’d expect, can I have them for tomorrow?

Well, this week we have been asked about corporate gifts and their worth when helping to build a brand.

The answer to the first part is simple, at H&H Reeds Printers we offer a full range of promotional products.

The question is, however, are they worth the cost? The answer to this depends on your company and point of view.

Promotional products such as branded pens, notepads, USB Sticks, mugs etc., (the list is endless of what you can print your logo onto) are often seen as an unnecessary expense for businesses. Yes, they can be expensive depending on how obscure and high end you go. However, many simple products can be supplied at reasonable costs, especially when bought in bulk.


The Benefits

Our view is that promotional products are not an unnecessary expense, but more an essential part of any businesses marketing.

First impressions count in business. When liaising with new clients, attending exhibitions or when clients visit your office, promotion products can be taken away by potential clients and become a reminder of your brand. For example, when a prospective new client comes to your office for an initial meeting, they could end up leaving with simple promotional products such as a notepad and pen. This may seem like a fruitless act but when they go to use those promotional products they are reminded of your company and brand. This reminder could come just at the right time and lead to them contacting you and becoming a new client.

Imagine presenting a quote and leaving an electronic version on a branded USB stick? It would certainly keep your company in the client’s mind. There might be clients who just retrieve the files and then forget about it but I bet you that one person keeps the USB and uses it again and again. Who knows where they might use it? Maybe someone who is looking for a new supplier or business relationship?


Existing Clients

You’ll do well not to forget your current clients. They are your bread and butter and sending them promotional products every now and then will do your relationship more good than you’d think. Everyone likes to receive gifts from our suppliers as it makes us feel valued. This is where bulk buying to reduce the costs per item will help as you can buy a lot without waste as you can give new promotional products out to customers.

If you would like any further information or advice regarding promotion products, please feel free to contact Liam Jenkins our resident promotional expert on 01768 864214 or email him at!