News from H&H Reeds Printers

Carbon Capture Programme: April – June 2018

19th July 2018

    We are proud to announce that H&H Reeds Printers, along with our customers, created 1,457.61 m2 of native woodland right here in the UK between April and June 2018. In turn, this removed 58,304 kg of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere.   The Carbon Capture Programme allows us to capture our CO2 emissions by planting native woodland […]

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Spring Clean Leads To Paper Donation

27th June 2018

  Thanks to a spring clean of the storeroom at H&H Reeds Printers in Penrith, local school children have experienced a windfall in their classrooms. After recently completing a survey of the stockroom we put aside paper and card. All of which is still good quality but consist of a small number of sheets and […]

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Paper Types Explained

18th June 2018

  There is a multitude of different paper types to choose from so how do you know that you are selecting the correct one for your job? Here we look at the most general types of paper, silk, gloss and uncoated, and explore the benefits of each.     Gloss The clue is in the […]

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Reeds Relay | Miles For Macmillan

23rd May 2018

  To mark our 140th anniversary we have decided to take on an ambitious 140-mile relay around Cumbria. The event will be over 7 days in July, Monday 2nd – Friday 7th then Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th. In total, 22 members of staff – 50% of our workforce, will take part in a challenging route […]

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Creating Print-Ready Artwork

21st May 2018

  We have an array of customers here at H&H Reeds Printers, all of which have varying levels of technical ability. That is why we are happy to be a full-service printer and help you every step of the way when ordering your print. However, spending a little time learning how to convert your artwork […]

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Pantone Colours

2nd May 2018

  When you first start thinking of what colours you would like to use for your print it’s highly likely Pantone colours will come into the mix at some point. However, many people don’t know how Pantone colours became the mainstream colour matching system.     History of Pantone Back in the 1950’s, Pantone was […]

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Carbon Capture Programme: January – March 2018

16th April 2018

The Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture Programme   We are proud to announce that H&H Reeds Printers, along with our customers, created 1,454.45 m2 of native woodland right here in the UK between January and March 2018. In turn, this removed 58,178 kg of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere.   The Carbon Capture Programme allows us to capture […]

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Lamination Explained…

19th March 2018

  You may have seen that we offer the ability to have your printed products laminated – but what does lamination actually mean? The Basics To put it simply, lamination is a process where a thin layer of plastic film is applied to the printed paper or card. This is done through a heat transfer […]

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Our Sign Stands the Test of Time

12th February 2018

  Unfortunately, no one alive today remembers when our “Reed’s Printers Stationers” sign went up outside our old shop on King Street in Penrith. Probably because (by our best guess) it went up around 1893 – over 120 years ago! With 2018 being our 140th anniversary we are taking the time to look into our […]

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We’re ISO 14001:2015 Certified – but what does that mean?

5th February 2018

ISO 14001 is an environmental standard which provides companies, such as us, with practical tools so we may manage our environmental responsibilities effectively. Like most standards, it is constantly being updated with the latest version being ISO 14001:2015. Begining in January last year, we have worked hard to improve our environmental procedures and reduce our impact so […]

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