Conservation work with Cumbria Wildlife Trust

27 September, 2017

For many years now H&H Reeds Printers have been supporters of the Cumbria Wildlife Trust.

In addition to producing their member’s magazine we are also corporate sponsors.

But is that enough? We decided that it was about time we got our hands dirty and helped out on the ground and so volunteered to join a group doing some conservation work at the Eycott Hill Reserve, not too far from our Penrith office and print works.

Yellow Rattle

After introductions and the usual formalities we broke into groups and dispersed into nearby fields and meadows. Once in our designated area we started the process of spreading the Yellow Rattle seed. This wild flowering plant will fill the fields that it was sown into with a vibrant yellow flower between the end of May and September next year and we will be making a return trip to see how it looks.


As printers we have a vested interest in trees. Without them we have no paper and without paper… well where would we be? Here at H&H Reeds Printers we only use papers from sustainable sources as we continue to play our part in making print the most environmentally friendly communication method possible. So if we get a chance to add to the well being of trees locally we were going to take it.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust has planted hundreds of trees at Eycott Hill alone. In the early stages of their development, the trees appreciate some help becoming established which is where we, and the other volunteers, come in.

Removing weeds and grasses, which rob the newly planted trees of vital nutrients, is time-consuming, labour intensive and ultimately very rewarding work. Even when the heavens opened (and trust me, even by Cumbrian standards the heavens opened) everyone continued in the knowledge that we were all playing a small part in ensuring that people for years to come will be able to enjoy the wonderful countryside we are so lucky to be surrounded by in this part of the world.


Steve Wray and Anthony Donnelley giving a helping hand at Eyecott Hill Reserve


Warming Up

Once the work was done we headed back to the car, wet, tried and happy, for a well-earned coffee and to warm up and dry off. It was very rewarding to feel that we had played a small part in this process and everyone involved from H&H Reeds Printers are looking forward to revisiting Eycott Hill to see for themselves how the Yellow Rattle and all the trees are developing in the months to come.

More Information…

For more information on the work that Cumbria Wildlife Trust do, to join or to see about volunteering opportunities then please visit their website here