Catalogues and Brochures Produce Desired Results

17 July, 2017

Printing outputs have increased year on year so far in 2017 (BPIF, May ’17) which adds weight to the anecdotal evidence that the reporting of the death of print were exaggerated. One reason why this is the case is that more and more businesses are retaining and increasing spend on printed catalogues and brochures in their marketing budgets. But why? Simply because printed catalogues and brochures do work…

Trusted friend

The printed catalogue is considered an old and trusted friend to many marketing managers across the globe. Part of the reason for this is the adapting of what the catalogue is for. Increasingly a physical, printed product has the role of directing a customer to an online purchasing option or a wider website based solution. Less order forms are produced, but the necessity for a catalogue has not diminished.

Rather than replace or impact on the variety of catalogues this digital online world has acted to reinforce the place of the humble catalogue, making it an essential tool and a pivotal part of a modern, multimedia marketing approach

Catalogues are accessible

It remains a fact that a catalogue is simple to use and can maintain and build trust. They don’t rely on the battery life of a device or the network coverage of a telecommunications company.

In addition they can be aspirational and designed for repeated use and fulfill the “brand-in-the-hand” goal of giving access to any product quickly, simply and accurately. Over a third of consumers admit to looking first in a printed product before having bought the product online from the same source as the catalogue.

Factor in the low weight and accessible information along with a consistent brand message and a catalogue remains a significant marketing tool.

Users can interact physically with the brand

Increasingly online, digital companies are embracing printed catalogues. A physical brand engages more readily with consumers and, regardless of the interactivity of a website or e-commerce solution, print stimulates the various senses far more than tablet or PC ever can. Touch and smell simply cannot be engaged by online portals, while a printed catalogue offers each sense a different stimulus each time.


While print works best when just one of several the touch points for consumers, it resonates with certain target audiences more than others. Rural communities, more mature users and very young users respond well to printed items. This is even more successful when the print is part of a multi-faceted targeting approach.

Catalogues are effective

Think about it. If we mentioned a blue and yellow branded, Scandinavian furniture store most people don’t picture the website, but the catalogue. We, as consumers, increasingly purchase online, but look for reassurance of the physicality of a product we have seen online in the pages of a physical medium. Rather than being a dying medium the catalogue continues to go from strength to strength.

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