Carbon Capture Programme: January – March 2018

16 April, 2018

The Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture Programme


We are proud to announce that H&H Reeds Printers, along with our customers, created 1,454.45 m2 of native woodland right here in the UK between January and March 2018. In turn, this removed 58,178 kg of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere.


The Carbon Capture Programme allows us to capture our COemissions by planting native woodland right here in the UK. For every paper purchase, we make, a percentage of the cost is given directly to the Woodland Trust who use it to plant woodland at one of their accredited woodland creation sites within the UK. Their vision for the UK is to expand their 1,200 woodlands and create rich native woods and trees for the public to enjoy, a goal which H&H Reeds Printers and our customers will help achieve.

We provide carbon captured print for our customers and their businesses at no extra cost, enabling their carbon impacts to be offset by the Woodland Trust. We do this as we understand that we all have a part to play in the fight against climate change and recognise that our customers believe the same way we do. That is why we are pleased to be a member of the Carbon Capture Programme.


Carbon Capture Certificate January - March 2018
Carbon Capture Certificate January – March 2018