Bespoke Printed Roller Blinds

21 August, 2017

H&H Reeds Printers enjoy bringing new ways of allowing our clients to express themselves and their businesses through print and so we are excited to announce a new addition to our portfolio. H&H Reeds Printers are now able to supply printed roller blinds, producing them at our Milnthorpe branch in the heart of the Southern Lakes.

Why Choose Roller Blinds?

Are you looking to spruce up a drab workspace or enhance the feel of your nursery, home or indeed any space? If so there are several reasons to choose roller blinds.

To begin with they can give a new, stylish look to enhance the aesthetics your home or office.

Roller blinds can be used as insulators or help control glare and temperature inside a room or house by giving you the flexibility and control over the amount of sunlight and glare you allow into a room or workspace.

A further reason to consider these blinds is that they are low in maintenance. They are easy to install and simply maintained and cleaned saving you time and money when compared to certain other window dressing solutions. And if you need a bit of privacy, roller blinders are your best solutions. Using roller blinds, you can include or exclude the outside world easily, quickly and with no fuss.

Make Them Your Own

So what are the advantages of getting them from us? These bespoke items are not only practical but also help strengthen brand recognition and can add an extra element to an office space or other room. They can carry your logo or design and be made to work for marketing and brand loyalty reasons as well as the practical reasons mentioned above.

The blinds we produce are printed on a single side of a 190gsm2 material. They are supplied attached to rails at the top and bottom and come with a kit which includes brackets for fixing as well as a silver coloured chain and a clear bracket to anchor the chain to a wall.

The maximum size is 1220mm x 2000mm (enough for most windows) and the final blind can be configured to be either landscape or portrait dependent on the needs of your space


Over To You

To find out more about our roller blinds, and the many other innovative ways we can help print work for you, contact us on 01768 864214 or email us with your enquiry.


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