24 July, 2017

You quite possibly clicked on a banner to get to this blog, but banners are not an invention of the digital age and physical, printed banners still have much to offer. In this blog we look at just some of the banners we can provide for you and your business.

Vinyl Banners

The vinyl banner is probably what comes to mind when you think of a printed banner. Printed on a variety of PVC materials these are weather proof, robust and durable.

Our PVC banners are for outdoor use, but can be used indoors too. You have the option of including nickel eyelets for ease of hanging and they can be hemmed, which allows them to hang better.

Sizing can range from something very small all the way up to 1.5m wide x 20m long. The only real restriction is the imagination of your designer.

We were recently lucky enough to be asked to produce a large banner to mark the re-opening of the bridge at Pooley Bridge which was devastated in the floods in Cumbria during December 2015. The symbolic tearing of the banner (done by attaching two banners together and separating them – our PVC banners are far too tough to be torn) placed a simple piece of print at the centre of a community and represented an exciting new time ahead. Print, in whatever form, is one of very few things that can achieve moments like this.

Pull-Up Banners

Pull-up (or roller) banners are ideal for trade shows, receptions or pretty much anywhere. Available in a range of widths (600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm) and, with a degree of flexibility in height (thanks to our Barracuda range’s telescopic design), these banners can be the perfect backdrop or the focal point of your display. They also come with a handy carry case which means that your advertisement can be in one place in the morning and elsewhere later the same day.

The Barracuda offers a stylish, strong design and is a very popular choice due to its sturdy manufacture and life time hardware guarantee. With the option of just replacing the graphics it also makes great financial sense as you can use the base year after year. In addition to this it’s telescopic pole allows you to have your new graphics at different heights, depending on your requirements.

If you are new to exhibitions or trade shows you might want to dip your toe in the water with our Pullup Banner, a quality economy banner system, which is ideal for lighter use.

And of course our Extra Wide and Giant Pullup systems are guaranteed to make an impression wherever you use them.

Making the most of your banner

If you are considering using your own banners make sure, as you go about your day, that you keep an eye out for banners, in whatever form they take. Take note of what you feels work and what doesn’t (an uncluttered, clean design always has more impact than a crowded, wordy one). Notice how people position them in relation to products and services and what messages they convey. See which styles and designs catch the eye in certain places, while different methods are employed in other areas.

When designing your banner ensure you discuss your needs with your printer and make the most of the opportunity this advertising gives you. Consider what the best hardware is for you; will you be wanting to change the graphics, how much use will the banner get, and buy the one that suits you best.

For more details on how H&H Reeds Printers can meet your banner requirements visit our exhibition and display section or simply call us on 01768 864124 with your enquiry.

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